About Me

Artist Statement

When composing a piece of music for film or visual media, I channel the emotion of the art to find the right mood to develop or respond to what’s happening onscreen. My goal is to provide an auditory element that enhances the experience of the audience rather than distracting or challenging the intention of the piece. Like the creator, I am a storyteller hoping to immerse listeners and viewers in the world of the art, unaware as to what brought them there.

Aside from composing music for visual media, I write songs about personal experiences that connect me directly to an audience. Separate from any visual media, these songs rely on my ability as a performer to tell a story and portray the emotional context. These songs are not only intended to provide entertainment, but they also help me to journal and release personal complexities I encounter in my life. I hope that others also find aspects of my songs that resonate with their lived experiences.

As a dancer, I have the wonderful opportunity to experience music through movement as well. This perspective has helped me to understand and appreciate diverse relationships with music. When dangling on an aerial rope or leaping through the air, I understand music as a living entity of performance. I understand that, like my body, music needs to breath and is expressed through a multitude of mediums. From the biggest orchestral fortissimo to the slightest plié of a dancer, the music must sync seamlessly like the air around us.