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Jacob Rego

Berklee Student
Engineer / Producer / Trumpeter / Composer 
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About Me

Jacob Rego (Trumpeter / Composer/ Engineer)

When I was about 5 years old my sister played the saxophone at school. I didn’t play any musical instrument because you had to be 9 in our school to start with an instrument. I picked up my sister’s sax one day and started to play it: creating my own melodies without even knowing what notes I was playing. My dad and I (he plays guitar) used to jam all the time. I quickly began to realize that I enjoyed the feeling of creating something from nothing. This was the beginning of my interest in music and my inspiration to make music my career choice. I switched from the saxophone to the trumpet at age 9. When I was 10 years old in the fourth grade I was invited to record a DVD at The Julliard School with the trumpeter Warren Vache. I found myself in a full recording studio with an amazing jazz trumpet player, lights and cameras. This experience was truly an inspiration for me to pursue a career in the arts, and continue my studies in music.

I believe that music plays an important role in all types of society. In almost every culture around the world, everyone appreciates music. Personally, I appreciate the musical styling of Jazz, and I couldn’t be happier pursuing my learning of this art form, and making it my career. I believe that jazz music represents more than just notes on a page but embodies an entire culture. I have been personally inspired by jazz music ever since I was young. I have a large family, and almost all of my cousins and my immediate family plays an instrument. Needless to say, music has been an imperative part of my life from the time I was born. What makes jazz so motivating to me is its effect on society.

I understand that jazz may not be as popular as it was in its glory days, during the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties. However, I still feel that Jazz is greatly appreciated and has the potential to instill the same happiness in people that I feel every time a jazz song reaches my ears. I feel that the uniqueness of Jazz is what makes it so durable against its contemporary competitors. I feel that people can connect with Jazz’s constantly changing note structure and fluidity that occurs within every song; though people love melodies, Jazz presents something so spontaneous that everyone can identify as being a metaphor to their constantly evolving and unplanned lives.

Including my musical talent, I have experience with digital audio recording. Since I have set up my own recording studio, I understand the fundamentals of a side of music that is not just playing an instrument. I have started a business manufacturing guitar picks with a friend of mine called B & R Pickups ( I have performed in Blues bands, orchestras, small and large bands and I embrace a variety of performing experiences.

Experience & Education


  • BA in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College Of Music
    2010 to 2014 (4 years)