About Me

Kevin Frias Bio

The way I see music now and how I used to see it is very different. For some reason the only music I did was at school and rehearsals. Other than that I didn’t really do anything. I didn’t compose or practice much or simply play with other people. I finally got to berklee and it opened my eyes to what being a musician is about. Berklee alone is not going to create me into an amazing musician. I see it as a tool. Much like a box of color pencils. I get a blank piece of paper and I’m supposed to draw or create art. The color pencil itself is not going to control my hand and draw away. Yes it might teach me techniques I need to be able to know how to use it but in the end, I’m the one who has to make it happen. What am I doing outside of school that’s going to make me a better musician? That’s something I’ve realized my first semester at Berklee.

I was introduced to music while growing up in Washington Heights, NY. Started learning on the concert flute playing all types of music. Mostly Latin such as Salsa, Latin jazz, Merenque and Bachata. I graduated as a guitar major from Music and Art High School, and am currently a student at Berklee College of Music. I play in both New York City and Boston and find myself to be exactly where I belong – loving every minute of it.
Trying to find what my perception of life is. Pretty sure it has a groove.

Why Music? – I’m not sure why I’m one of the ‘chosen’ ones with this gift of the ability to listen beyond what’s presented when it comes to music. Music to me is a partner. A partner in which there are no problems unless one of us stops caring. And believe me, that won’t be on the music side. It’s there. Always waiting for me to spend time with it. I do it because It makes me feel happy, at peace to know that I can meet a total stranger and play with them and have an idea of their personality and what their about just by the way they play. It’s an amazing spiritual experience when that happens. And the world is full of people who can speak this universal language. I’m in love with it and true love never fades away.

Now … I will say this… this relationship no joke. It is not easy; you need to be willing to spend your money, attention, time, and life in this relationship. In order for me to communicate anything with my guitar I need to, what hip cats like to use, Shed’. Practice is where I work out all the temporary kinks and dents that are in my vocabulary and polish what I know what to “speak”. I am learning everyday so there’s different obstacles I need to work through and the way I get through it alive are by keeping an open mind and keep mind set on what’s the accomplishment in the end. How comfortable would I be able to play with other people that are better and more experience? How I would actually make “music” come out of my instrument. Also, just staying relaxed and happy!

When it comes down to scenery and smell and sound. My soul is very into very passionate ambience music. Something that seems as if it’s floating naturally in the air.
My fingers relate to that sound as minor nine chords. And very open chords like sus2 and sus4 chords. Why? I don’t really know but something about that sound is very beautiful and relaxed. The smell I connect with that is very much the smell of spring. One of my favorite phrases that come into play with the sounds that are in sync with me is “trying to find what my perception of life is.” I believe that every individual person sees the world differently. Given the fact that we all are not into the same fashion sense, style of music, same mindsets…etc. Everybody has a different take on life and I am searching for and understanding more deeply what my perception of it is. How do I see the world? Maybe the planet is not really round in my eyes. And this is really the reason I love what I do. It’s a very exciting journey to partake in and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in the future.

I have noticed some patterns in what I do and how I work. Usually when I’m composing instrumental music I like to come up with chord changes first and then sing a melody to it. I never have a melody in mind unless I have the chord changes. Same thing goes for when I’m songwriting. The lyrics and melodies come out of what sounds I hear coming from my guitar. That’s another thing, I compose on guitar rather than on piano or keys. I think it’s good to know proper technique, music theory and pretty much all the knowledge portion of being a musician. But I feel that to make good music one must go with one’s heart. Not go by what’s “correct,” because most musicians don’t think when they are improvising. They just go with what feels good. And if it feels right then it is right. I think knowledge is really more of a reference and a tool that will get a person to a point where one can explore their limitations on their instruments.

Currently I am working on different ways to approach chord changes and how to improve my comping to make me a better well rounded guitar player, and a more interesting player. Jazz is something that kicks me right in the behind. Practice feels more like exercises and not so much fun but I have to say the result and what I get in return is worth it. I remember just last week my Private Instructor Tim Miller and I were playing a tune and I was having fun! With jazz I usually have to think a lot but going through these fantastic guitar studies, my playing has improved greatly. There’s always a reason behind the assignments, because I know Tim doesn’t want me to sound like I’m playing exercises when I’m improvising. As well as working on my guitar playing I am learning how to engineer. I know enough in that field and in the studios in berklee that I can run my own recording session. At the moment the main focus is the mixing engineer. I mix tunes two or three times a week learning two different consoles. The API Legacy Plus and the Yamaha DM2000 Digital. I know how important songs are to artist especially if they composed it, and so I’m going to be the best that I can be in my field of work in the Music Production & Engineering Major in order to make a person’s creation come to life without degrading it by lousy recording.

One final thing that I am grateful in this semester at berklee is that I expanded my Network even more and it has got me busy! In a good way!