Berklee Student

Henry Castro

Berklee Student
Evolving with Music 
Member since 2011

Experience & Education


  • Percussionist for Grooversity
    February 2013 to Present (over 5 years)

    Brazilian drumming band with Social/Community helping cause.

  • Bass/Baritone singer for Sonavoz
    May 2012 to Present (over 6 years)

    Sing bass and baritone parts with this amazing latin vocal group, Sonavoz.

  • Performer (surdo dobrado) for Grooversity
    January 2011 to Present (over 7 years)

    Afrobrazilian drumming band that performs, all around the Boston area. It's an organization with social and community helping purposes.

  • Performer (zurdo dobrado/fundo) for BLOCO AFROBRAZIL
    June 2010 to Present (about 8 years)

    Afrobrazilian drumming band that arranged brazilian rhythms under the lead of Marcus Santos.


  • Acoustic Tutor for Berklee College of Music
    July 2011 to July 2012 (about a year)

    Tutor of the class 'Application of Acoustics' on Berklee College of Music during Fall2011 and Spring 2012.

  • Composer, musical director and pianist for Henry Castro presents: "To my Venezuela" student recital
    March 2012 to April 2012 (about a month)

    I lead my first recital in room 1A in 1140 building. I prepared all the music except for a composition of Luis D'Elias, who also performed cuatro venezolano on the concert. I promoted the concert around 5-4 days before the concert and the room got filled. They liked it very much.

  • Conga player for Venegaita
    July 2011 to July 2011 (less than a month)

    I played with 'Venegaita', a band that performs some Venezuelan music (World/Folk). Specifically, the performance was in the "Festival de Betanzas," where later on Larry Harlow performed.

  • Pianist and Musical Director for Gaitas Universidad Simon Bolivar
    November 2008 to December 2009 (about a year)

    I directed and performed piano with the USB gaitas band. We arranged and performed in the venezuelan genre 'gaitas' and tamborera. We also performed some salsa. This happened just in Christmas time.