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Antonio De Jesus Alanis Izaguirre

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Hello and thanks to stoping by my profile!

I’m a musician born in Monterrey Mexico and lived for almost my whole life so far in a town near there called Montemorelos.
My passion for music, started when i was around 8 years old, and i went with my mom and older sister to the local conservatory cuz my sister was enrolling in a flute course. As we were passing the practice rooms i was blowed away on how cool that was! so i told my mom that i wanted to enrolled into some instrument aswell haha and i picked up the violin wich i studied in classical way for 5 years.
Then when i was around 12, my sister had a birthday party, my cousins had a rock band and they wre invited to play there, i spent the whole party staring at them and thinking how cool that was and how much i wanted that!!
So i got myself an old cheap classical guitar and started to learn by myself everything that had a cool guitar part on it and pretty soon i got the electric guitar, i went from 70’s rock to death metal, folk tunes and even video games songs i like to put down in the guitar!
Then after a few years i was going to Monterrey every weekend for guitar lessons. where learn about some techniques, more complex chords and things like that.
Then in 2005 i had the oportunity and luck to attend to the 5week PP at Berklee in Boston, it was a life changing experience for me! i never thought music could be at that level, it was just EVERYWHERE and everything all kinds of things. I made great friends there from all over the world! and came back to my country a different musician, hungry for more things to experiment with!! then the next year i went to the 5week again :) and got into jazz music wich again was life changing, i came back to Mexico and study Jazz with an amazing musician in the city, i feel that i grew up so much with him, opening my ears to everything, he organized the jazz festival in the city, i was working as a staff there and attending the workshops, so i got to meet all these amazing musicians personaly! i also joined my teacher’s band and we where gigging a lot! 3 times per week and doing great music, changing repertoire very often! it was very intense and also very fun! i learned about charles mingus, thelonious monk, carla bley. ornette coleman!!
Then 2 years ago i decided to go out to the world, to get experiences, play with people, learn from them make contacts! so im still out in my journey! right now in Croatia, where i also have a beautiful girlfriend that inspires me! :) and doing the Bekleemusic certificate just fits right in! so far i have polished so many thing that i was having trouble with! smalls thing can cause big problems, and after 1 course i already feel more confident and im exited on whats to come!

As the time passed i started to get rid of cathegories in music and better take it as a whole, influences from everything, life and experiences, for me each song is a story, each ensamble a conversation. I just love the feeling i get from it, both playing and listening, there is always something new to discover!

Thanks a lot for giving a few minutes to read my bio!
I’m also a very friendy guy so dont hesitate to add me to your contacts!

Peace to all!

Experience & Education


  • guitarist for Non-Jazz
    September 2006 to December 2008 (over 2 years)

    Non-Jazz is the band that a teacher of mine has, it has a lot of formats, and i was in the guitar 4tet and later we added drums and bass, playing standards, original music aswell as compositions of carla bley, charles mingus etc. it was a great way to learn to play onstage we had gigs 3 times p/week


  • Summer performance program in guitar at Berklee College of music, private teachers
    2005 to 2006 (1 years)