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Daniel Leuenberger

Online Student
Swiss compositor and producer of Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, RnB, New Age, Classic/Orchestral and Movie Scoring 
Reconvilier, CH
Member since 2007

About Me

Swiss citizen, born 1968, married since 2006. My native language is French but I also speak Swiss German, German, English as well as some basic Russian and Romanian (spoken only to communicate with my wife). I lived many years in Germany and Eastern Europe.

I have a few passions: audio/music, photography, cinematography, abstract painting and reading lots (most technical or scientific) of books.

As a child I grew up in French speaking Switzerland (where they manufacture all those watches and chocolates). I learned some basic classic piano however I was not motivated at all. I preferred to play my tunes by ear. Since a few years I have learned a lot about music by reading numerous books about music theory, harmony but also following up with some piano training.

In the 90’s, I have also been working as DJ including doing some entertainment for radio stations and clubs.. Later, in northern Germany, I resumed my own radio show and I started to contribute independent produced contributions for a live TV show.

I was always attracted by mixing tables and the magic of producing music. 20 years ago it was practically unaffordable but this changed radically. I have a well equipped home studio filled with all the gear I need and allowing to produce a wide spectrum of genres. It’s an old childhood dream coming true. That’s why I took the decision to get classes at Berkleemusic to learn the process from the basics.

My intentions are to learn the craft of professional music recording & production mainly based on computer and MIDI as well as songwriting skills. I’m searching for a cooperation partner to develop musical ideas, compose music but also lyricists writing in different languages like English, French, German and maybe Romanian or Russian.

For medical reasons I had to relocate to Switzerland at the end of 2010 where I live near Biel/Berne and rebuild a brand new studio.

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  • Owner for Inoworks SRL
    2003 to Present (over 16 years)

    Company that offers web services like remote administration of servers

  • E-Commerce Shops for E-Commerce
    2000 to Present (over 19 years)

    Distribute music online ? Sell DVD's electronically with instant delivery paid via credit cards ? Online protected portfolios of events ? Your creativity is your limit. Let's get good products on the market ! TOGETHER!