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Fall 2016:

Greetings All,

I’ve been taking classes with Berklee Online for a decade now and last fall I began the Music Production degree program which I should be completing about this time next year. I play guitar and in addition to the production classes I’ve taken, the guitar classes have so much valuable information from theory to exercises and techniques that they’ve really taken my playing and understanding of the instrument to the next level. I will be continuing with guitar studies in the future but for now its practice, practice, practice what I’ve already studied on top of my degree classes. I just bought my first electric bass too so I foresee bass classes in the future as well.

I would love to work in a recording studio but I’m even more interested in working live sound and shows. I’ve dabbled in guitar repair almost as long as I’ve played which is about 30 years now. Lately I’ve been trying to learn more about tube amp repair and get back to my dual interest of electronics and music. In my former life I had an IT career that started shortly after earning an AAS in Electronic Technology but I retired from that a few years ago and I’m focusing now on finding a new music oriented career. Basically anything that combines electronics with music is what excites me so I’m keeping my options open and learning as much as I can from my classes.

This semester I’m taking Microphone Techniques, Developing Your Artistry and Advanced Ear Training for Mix Engineers….it’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to learning some very important and practical stuff!

Good luck to my fellow students and have fun this semester!

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