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Becky Shalvoy

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About Me

Hello! I’m Becky. I am a 2009 graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College with a Bachelors in Music. My concentration was in voice. I am an alto/mezzo-soprano.

Like every lyricist or poet, something has to trigger that inspiration to write. While I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember (I had a big “hit” when I was 10 about a bug on a car window) it wasn’t until I the end of my freshman year of college that I wrote a song called “Darkness” and snowballed to where I am now. Songwriting is my absolute passion. I write about feelings and struggles. I hope that my songs can affect people and help them get through times or embrace the love in their life.

Experience & Education


  • BA in Music - Voice at Roberts Wesleyan College
    2005 to 2009 (4 years)