About Me

For me, teaching is a choice. I chose this career path because I love it, I am passionate about it, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

Berklee has given me the best of both worlds: to be disciplined, following the composer’s every word, and to be spontaneous, creating music right on the spot. By incorporating both classical and contemporary music into my lesson plans, I help students understand what it is like to be an artist, to be both disciplined and spontaneous at the same time.

Confucius believed that music, along with the other five arts: ritual, archery, chariot-riding, calligraphy, and computation, can cultivate character.

Martin Luther believed that “moral, temperamental, intellectual, and spiritual nature of people improved through performance.”

I believe that learning should be inquisitive. The students must have a drive for curiosity and active learning. To achieve that, I will approach their learning from three different modalities: aural, visual and kinesthetic. I will expect my students to maintain active involvement in music-making, and will limit the length of time spent on each activity, so that the students will be able to make progress on a few different activities each class. By expecting my older students to reflect extensively on their own learning, they can make inquiries into how they learned and what they could do to deepen their learning in the future. Apart from helping to review the previous lesson, reflections also prompt students to question their own learning styles. By teaching my students to take learning into their own hands, I will properly equip them with skills that lead to life-long learning—with or without a teacher. 

During class time, I like to keep each activity short to keep students interested and motivated. Activities such as music history will be interspersed between more active activities such as singing, eurhythmics or improvising. By setting class time aside specifically for composition or practice, I can use this time to meet students one-on-one and give them individual feedback. 

I am passionate about teaching music because I know that it can make a positive impact on my students. I will enjoy watching them grow and mature, not only as musicians, but as all-rounded, honest and disciplined individuals, who would take the skills learned in music and apply them to other subjects.  

And that is why I love teaching music.

Experience & Education


  • Assistant music and video producer for Yellow Frog Media Ltd
    June 2009 to Present (over 10 years)

    I helped with all aspects of music and video production, including composing for a short film, sound recording, video shooting and editing, etc.

  • Freelance Tutor for Freelance
    September 2006 to Present (over 13 years)

    Tutor in aural (ear training), music theory (classical and contemporary) and sight reading.


  • B.Mus in Music Education & Conducting at Berklee College of Music
    2011 to 2014 (3 years)
  • DipABRSM in Piano Performance at Royal Academy of Music
    2009 to 2010 (1 years)