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Mao Sone

Berklee Student
Trumpet / Voice / Piano / Composer from Japan 
Member since 2011

About Me

Answer to BGJI application Question:

What is the role of an artist in our global society and in which ways your decision of becoming a jazz musician could positively affect your community?

Music is not only the greatest art that human beings created but also a power that moves human emotions, and it can change the society for the better of it. The reason why it can move human emotions is because music is constructed of sound, which comes from nature. Sound is not man-made. It comes from nature and from other sources that we can’t explain. Music is a fusion of nature and human mind and soul. So music reaches the hearts and soul of those who listen to it.

When I was 6 years old, I heard “What A Wonderful World” sung by Louis Armstrong, and it would be my favorite song ever. He sings the wish for love and peace from his heart. His voice came into my small body, and I felt my body shaking because of his energy. It made me shed tears out of my eyes, leaving a huge impression of love on me. This is the power of music. This piece (“What A Wonderful World”) made me decide to become a musician. This is my personal experience, but it can be said and translated into our society, if done correctly. A lot of people who listened to “What A Wonderful World” were impressed by Louis’ wish for love and peace in this complex and dark world on which we live in with all the wars and conflicts that separate our society.

When I was in Japan, I used to play at elderly houses, and institutions for handicapped people. Every time I played for them, they looked really pleased and happy with the music that I was bringing upon them. My music was serving and working as their emotional support and also brought a lot of enjoyment to their lives.

Music neither affects the lives of people who listen to it directly nor makes their quality of life better. It only can touch to their heartstrings. This means music can give the courage to live each day, and It can give people the will to make their dream come true. Therefore, the role of a musician is to create music as sincerely as possible, using his/her own musical language to tell the story of love. It is important for him/her to think about what happens on the world or around their society, and play it from their so