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Song Yi Jeon

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Song Yi Jeon

Hailing from South Korea, Song Yi Jeon is a singer and composer who deftly combines modern jazz harmony and odd time signatures with singable melodies that instantly catch the ear of the listener.
Born in August, 28th, 1984 in Republic of Korea, Song Yi Jeon had from age 7 an early training, such as Piano, Korean traditional singing, Korean traditional drums, and drawing.
She studied classical composition at the University of Music and Fine Art in Graz, Austria and Jazz voice at the Music University in Basel, Switzerland developing her clean, pure voice with unique instrumental improvising skill. Her background with classic composition let her to have the perfect understanding of harmony structure, and makes her improvisations incomparable to any instrument players. Since September 2011 Song Yi Jeon is studying at Berklee college of Music with George Garzone, Ed tomassi, Dave Santoro, Lisa Thorson, Leo Blanco, and many more. Heavily influenced by instrumental Jazz Music, the refined compositions of Song Yi Jeon have clear musical direction and taste.
She had work with Guillermo Klein, Jovino Santos Neto, Carlo Mombelli, and many enormous musicians, and played at many clubs and festivals with her own group “Song Yi Jeon Quintet”, at Basel Clubfestival, Off Beat Jazzfestival Basel 2011 CH, Langnau Jazz festival 2011 CH, Next Generation Jazz Festival Monterey 2012 CA etc.

Experience & Education


  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz at Hochschule der Musik, Basel, Jazz, Switzerland
    2008 to 2011 (3 years)
  • Diploma in Classic Composition at Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel, Switzerland
    2007 to 2008 (1 years)
  • Bachelor in Classic Composition at Musik und darstellende Kunst Universitaet Graz, AT
    2002 to 2005 (3 years)