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Born and raised in the city of Mumbai India, Dawn was fortunate to have been born into a family of musicians. Her grandmother and mother were music teachers so teaching music has always been in her blood. When she was just 2 she began to vocalize with her mother’s choir during their warm ups and although she may have not got the words right she got the right notes. From then on Dawn began singing in choirs as well as singing professionally for jingles. She also picked up the piano by ear and later began studying classical music. As music was never part of the curriculum in Indian schools she was fortunate enough to have had private lessons in piano and learnt arranging through the experience of singing in choirs and working with her mother.
By the time she was 17 she began arranging for acapella voices and began to work as a professional arranger in the music industry in Mumbai, arranging backing vocals for ad jingles as well as for Bollywood songs.
Dawn also performed in the professional children’s choir The Gleehive for the Pueri Cantores festival of choirs in Germany in 2004. In the year 2008 she performed with the choir Cadenza Kantori for the Rottenburg am Neckar festival in Germany, where a few of her arrangements were also part of the repertoire. These arrangements were unique as the choir was meant to represent sacred choral music of India. Indian music being primarily rhythmic and melodic in nature had to be interpreted and under the tutelage of her mother Celeste Cordo they arranged a varying repertoire of Indian sacred song with jazz harmonies and Indian bols and taals. In 2010 just before leaving for Berklee, Dawn performed in an ensemble for the Indian Premier League Awards Ceremony, singing backing vocals for A.R. Rahman.
Currently Dawn is working toward a degree in Music Education and Contemporary Writing and Production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Once she graduates Dawn will return to India to start her own music program that will be integrated into public schools.