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Tara Novak

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Berklee Student
Acoustic & Electric Violinist and Vocalist 
Boston, MA
Member since 2006

About Me

To Live, Strive, Dream, and Create – this is the story Tara Novak tells through her violin, voice, arrangements, compositions, and short stories. Tara’s work resonates with audiences through its beauty, excitement, and honesty. She crosses labels and transcends traditional boundaries, creating a fresh musical landscape she calls home.

As a solo violinist with the Three Irish Tenors and Druid shows, she has maintained a rigorous touring schedule throughout the USA and Europe over the past seven years, and her top-selling solo electric violin act has delighted audiences from around the globe. In 2011, Tara brought her music to a new audience in her first solo USA concert tour in Nov-Dec 2011, called “Nollaig: An Irish Christmas.” This show allowed Tara to fuse all of her musical influences in her arrangements, taking inspiration from the depth of Irish song, classical counterpoint, and the harmonic and rhythmic drive of jazz and rock. “Nollaig” is currently booking for the 2012-13 season both in the USA and Holland. In conjunction with this tour, Tara has also released two singles, “The Water is Wide,” and “The Liberties.”

The child of a jazz guitarist and classical pianist, perhaps Tara was fated for this path. However, after studying classical violin and voice at the UMKC Conservatory, she became disillusioned with the role of music in today’s society. A vivid dream she had during this time led to the formation of her motto “Live, Strive, Dream, Create,” (the design of her four-sided lotus logo), and the path to discovery of her own artistic voice, which has taken her performances everywhere from symphonic halls to subways, recording studios to rock and roll buses, shopping malls to theaters, and to NYC, to Berklee, across the ocean to Ireland for five years, and finally back to Berklee again to complete her studies.

Through education – as student and teacher – through travel, reading, cooking, yoga, nature, and all the multi-colored facets of life, Tara continually expands her palette, allowing her music to stay relevant and accessible. In a world full of pop insincerity, she offers integrity, encouraging listeners to laugh, cry, hope, and dance! One of the greatest gifts Tara brings to her music is her sheer joy in performing and sharing – an inspiration for all to live, strive, dream, and create.

Experience & Education


  • Senior Peer Advisor for Berklee College of Music
    April 2012 to Present (over 7 years)
  • Private Violin, Viola, and Irish Fiddle Instructor for Back Bay Music Studios, Waltons New School of Music
    September 2007 to Present (over 12 years)

    Private & group lessons instructor in central Boston, specializing in classical and jazz violin/viola, and Irish fiddle.

  • Composer, Arranger, and Musical Director for Edgewood Productions, MTI, & Self-Employed
    August 2007 to Present (over 12 years)

    Composer, Arranger, and Musical director for various albums and tours, including debut solo show "Nollaig", the Three Irish Tenors, Nyle Wolfe, etc

  • Acoustic & Electric Violinist and Vocalist for Edgewood Productions, Royal Chimes Intl, Windwood Theatricals, & Self-Employed
    June 1997 to Present (over 22 years)

    Solo violinist & vocalist for multiple European & USA tours with "The Three Irish Tenors" and "Druid", and new solo show "Nollaig: An Irish Christmas".


  • BA in Professional Music focusing on Violin Performance & Contemporary Writing & Production at Berklee College of Music
    2006 to 2013 (7 years)
  • Performance in Violin & Voice at University Missouri Kansas City Conservatory
    1998 to 2001 (3 years)
  • Violin in Performance & String Quartet Institute at Interlochen Arts Academy
    1995 to 1996 (1 years)