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Brandon Wilkins

Berklee Student
Boston, MA
Member since 2012

About Me

Where does our desire to make music come from? Can we ignore it? I don’t think so. When we create, is it us making art, or another larger force guiding our creative energy?

I am performer at heart. I have been since I realized I wanted to be a musician. In my early years of playing the saxophone, I was taken by sounds and styles of Charlie Parker, Benny Goodman, and Paul Desmond. To some degree, my musical past is imprinted on my playing. My roots will not dissolve. Through the tutelage of many great musicians, I had the support I needed to hone my skills. During my compulsory education, I was captured by the excitement of learning new instruments. This is when I learned to play the flute, clarinet and later on, the oboe. I feel that my drive to explore new instruments has given me a unique perspective on the creation of music and led me into composition.

My compositions are like snapshots of feelings and experiences. Every melody I create has a strong tie to its emotional imagery. I try to imagine I can transcend the notes and write a musical novel about nature, people, joys, and world struggles. Why is this important? Simply put, music is powerful. That power comes from the stimulation we feel when hearing it. My life long quest as a performer and composer is to broadcast our wide range of human emotions and experiences through the music, our most enchanting universal language.