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About Me

My musical journey began when I was a teenager. Despite the fact that I had been listening to music both therapeutically and casually my entire life, this was the time when I realized I really wanted to begin getting inside of this thing I loved so much. So, I picked up my first bass at the age of 14 and never looked back.

About two years into playing, I realized how badly I wanted to get out into the world and share my love of my art with anyone and everyone who would listen. So, I started my first band, Killer Thomas, at the age of 16. Not too long into the progression of this band, we recorded our first album at a small studio near my hometown of Tipton, Indiana. This served as my introduction to the basics of the recording process. It was a brand new interest that would grow with me as the years went on.

As High School progressed, I continued to grow more and more serious about my musical career. I joined a band named Three Piece Suit at the age of 17 and this brought my performing life to a new level. We recorded a few small albums and began winning contests all across Indiana that afforded us the opportunity to open for bands such as Nickelback and Daughtry. These were my first experiences with playing in front of bigger audiences. Bigger in fact, than I thought I would ever play for in my younger days. Needless to say, I still couldn’t get enough. So, even though Three Piece Suit disbanded at the end of my High School career, I went on to start a new project. This project would change my life and redefine my understanding of my future prospects forever.

Right after High School, I decided to form a new project, since I didn’t have the money to attend college and did not want to get a day job and stay in Tipton. This project was called The Post Script. The Post Script proved to me that with sheer determination, hard work, and belief, you could take a few songs from the basement of a friend’s house and travel the country with them. At the age of 18, two friends and I began writing songs from scratch and creating a new sound that none of us had played before. Within a year, we felt ready to try playing this music outside of Indiana, so, my guitarist and I started exploring the idea of do-it-yourself touring. It was amazing how fun and interesting putting together a tour seemed right away. I loved making plans as if they were travel arrangements. It was like putting together pieces of a puzzle and getting to go to a lot of places you have always wanted to visit. Plus, we were getting paid to do so. My abilities to book and manage tours would grow and strengthen with my time in The Post Script. This band was also my first introduction to a professional music studio. We recorded our Debut Album at The Pop Machine ( in Indianapolis, IN. I continued playing, touring, and recording with this band all the way up until the age of 22.

At the age of 22, I left The Post Script for personal reasons and joined an already established and growing band named The Waldemere Revival. We used my contacts from The Post Script to begin working on an album and touring the Midwest and the South. I used my acquired skills as a tour booking manager to help this band grow into one of the busiest bands in Indiana and the Midwest. We played between 100 and 150 shows together in our first year as a band. Sadly, before the first album was completed, The Waldemere Revival disbanded due to issues within the band.

At this point, I found myself without a band and stuck back in Indiana with no real direction. So, I began playing in country cover bands and working at the local Guitar Center to save money with the hopes of attending Berklee College of Music. I had always dreamed of attending Berklee, it had always just seemed so far out of reach. But so many of my friends and people I looked up to had attended the college, so I new I had to give it a shot. At age 24 I was accepted into Berklee. Upon my acceptance I was elated to find that I had been awarded a scholarship that actually made attending Berklee a possibility. So, After saving everything I could for a year, I arrived here in Boston to start anew. My life has never been as constantly fresh and exciting as it is now. My love of engineering has really started to bud and grow since coming to Berklee. I started out my school career with a focus on performance and Contemporary writing and Production. I have since decided that my true love is in the studio and all of its inner workings. I have now switched focus to the Music Production and Engineering major here at Berklee. In this major, I feel more at home than ever and am extremely excited to see what the future holds.

I have also been playing in a large variety of bands within and outside of Berklee. Currently I am playing in The George Woods band, (, The Dan Rodman Band (, and a band called Kill Madonna., as well as a nameless Turkish Fusion Group that does gigs within and outside of Berklee. I continue to book shows and tours for projects I am a part of while at the same time growing as an engineer in the Music Production and Engineering program here at Berklee. Life is busier than ever, and I am loving every second of it.

Experience & Education


  • Studio Operations and Booking Assistant for Berklee Studio Office
    January 2014 to Present (about 6 years)

    Inventory control of studio equipment, studio booking, studio preparation, troubleshooting, and assistance.

  • Bass Player, Song Arranger, Booking for Kill Madonna
    March 2013 to Present (over 6 years)

    This is another band I am a part of where I help to produce and write songs, help in the booking process, and play Bass. We have been achieving growing online success with music videos for two of our singles, "Nude Pics," and "Get Up."

  • Bass Player, Booking Manager for George Woods Band
    September 2012 to Present (over 7 years)

    With the George Woods Band, I mainly hold down the groove as bass player. But, I also took over booking duties as of summer of 2013. My most recent successfully booked and profitable tour was done with this group. I booked us an East Coast tour for August, 2013.


  • Bassist, Booking Manager, Songwriter for The Waldemere Revival
    February 2010 to January 2011 (about a year)

    This is another project that gained some acclaim throughout the Midwest Region of the United states. We traveled heavily in the Festival and Jam band Circuit before disbanding in 2011.

  • Bassist, Booking Manager, Songwriter for The Post Script
    January 2007 to January 2010 (over 3 years)

    I played bass for this band, booked shows, and wrote songs. We achieved airplay around the Midwest and South. We also toured Regionally through the Midwest, South, and East Coast.