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Gavin Griffiths

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The more you know, the more you know you don't know ;~) 
Bath, GB
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About Me

Born in London UK, first saw a guitar aged 8 when my older sister took up guitar lessons and brought one home…that wooden box with strings attached had me hooked instantly and I’ve never been the same since!! My folks were too poor to get me lessons so I taught myself, working out hendrix, chuck berry, zeppelin riffs & solo’s etc. mainly by ear.
Formed 1st band at school and played many pubs in London. Became infatuated with recording and saved up for a portastudio (remember them!!). Formed the band ‘Ozric Tentacles’ with a friend and spent 5 yrs gigging on UK festival circuit, as well as recording hundreds of pretty leftfield tracks.
left this band for another (thunderdogs) and toured for a year with Circus Archaos ( Metal clown tour 91-92).
Got my first digital sampler and spent 3 yrs in Germany on the then flourishing dance scene (92-95) experimenting with Dance music. Did quite a few remixes in this time.
Returned to UK, joined a Klezmer / world / reggae band and toured for 2 years (‘Cheap Suit Oroonies’ We became one of John Peel’s favourite bands, bless him). During this time I met guy at a party (as you do!) who turned out to be head of production for BMG (Then Atmosphere music ltd, now Universal UK) Sent him a demo, he liked it…the rest is history, been writing for him (and others) for TV etc. ever since. It pays very well, allows me creative freedom with many different musical styles, and is a discipline in itself. (I’ve posted up a small random selection of tracks I’ve done to give you some idea).

Experience & Education


  • Composer for Universal production music
    July 1996 to Present (over 22 years)

    Writing, recording and producing music for film, television, radio and general media, full time. Working directly with producers from my own studio. Employ session musicians as required.