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Leonardo Bescotti

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Producer and songwriter.  
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About Me

My name is Leo and today my relationship to music, can be explained by the following reasoning:

Scientifically speaking, every existing physical object can be broken down into smaller parts and smaller parts still until you reach its bare essence which is essentially a vibrating wave of some form. There is a belief that the waves that comprise our physical self can be set to vibrate at different frequencies through a combination of our conscious and subconscious mind.
Given that we are equipped with five senses to perceive the physical world (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) if the above were true, lets contend that through design or evolution we could be able to perceive the current vibrational nature of our own physical form. The five senses will not tell us anything other than how we look, sound, smell, taste or our texture. But there is a sixth sense believed to be a reflection of our vibrational nature. We perceive it, from the inside and it tells us with precision at what frequency we are vibrating, because different vibrations cause us to FEEL differently. Emotion is that sixth sense.
Music itself is vibration of the air, which our ears perceive as sound. In acoustics a wave resonates with physical material which vibrates at multiples of it’s frequency creating what is known as harmonics. And just like that when sound comes into contact with our bodies, it either resonates with us, or doesn’t depending on our current physical vibrational content. Because our emotions are an immediate and accurate indicator of our vibrational state, when music “touches” us and we resonate/vibe with it, we are caused to feel an “Emotional reaction”.
This is why at different times the same song affects us in different ways, it’s not the song that’s changed! – it’s the frequency we are vibrating at in that moment. Great musicians are able to feel and express their emotions through their instruments, causing listeners to be affected emotionally because of the intensely focused vibrational content of what they are giving out. You know the feeling of being at a rock concert, trance party, spa, and being so overcome by the music that you literally pulse with it and the rest of the audience does too.
These observations could be realities that drive our industry and our business: when a song impacts us emotionally, by human condition we want to share it with other people. Therefore, as producers, it is fundamental that we become masters at perceiving emotion and using musical tools and gear to manipulate it such that it affects the audience in the way we intend it to.

Experience & Education


  • Stage manager and Social Media Co-ordinator for Musica Sulle Bocche International Jazz Festival
    July 2014 to September 2014 (2 months)

    I was offered this opportunity by the Italian Saxophonist Enzo Favata. My role was to assist in various tasks of the organization including promotion, logistics and communications.


  • BA in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music
    2014 to 2018 (4 years)