About Me



Emery Mesich is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer born and raised in Sacramento, California. As a child he was first introduced to musical genres like classic rock, folk, and jazz. Driven by music, he started playing clarinet at the age of eight. Two years later he quickly became fluent on saxophone after discovering jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Jackie Mclean. Emery grew up playing in symphonies, community bands, church bands, bar bands and college bands, and was considered an “old soul” because of his amazing ability to excel on his instrument and command great stage presence at such an early age.
He excelled throughout high school winning numerous awards at Reno, Monterey, Essentially Ellington, and Charles Mingus Jazz Festivals as well as touring with the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra to Japan in 2014. Around that time he had his own jazz band ‘Take 5’ who held a regular gig at the shady Lady Saloon in downtown Sacramento. Soon after, he started a reggae group titled This Hiatus and wrote and produced an 11-track album as well as gigged frequently in the Sacramento-area. His passion for music and self-dedication has always remained strong, putting him in many situations as a bandleader.


Some of his influences are Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder, and they have made a huge impact on his life and his vision as an artist.