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Artist Biography

Paulaine Antoinette Sano is a performer and future business entrepreneur comes the beautiful southeast asian country of the Philippines. She is currently a Bachelors Degree in Music Business/Management and Professional Music Degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

At the age of eight, Paulaine moved to the United States with her family to pursue the American dream. Fleeting from her home discouraged her connections with friends and relatives, but in the brighter side, the opportunities that America has, will expand her knowledge and passion for music.

Paulaine started singing at the age of six, becoming involved with the church choir and performing at special holiday events, but as the great move to America arose, there were more opportunities available for Paulaine to pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician. From the variety of talent competitions, performing arts schools she was able to experience the passionate life and movements of an artist.

As she grew older, Paulaine delved into several music styles of classical, musical theater and jazz. She auditioned for the high school’s very own vocal jazz choir, there she become one with jazz. As she learned the rhythm and style, jazz became one the genres that influenced her sound. Paulaine was chosen to become one of Valencia High School’s student representatives at the All-State Jazz Festival, in addition to that, she was also awarded the National Downbeat Student awards for her outstanding solo performance at the Next Generation Jazz Festival. Since that wonderful event, Paulaine auditioned three colleges, with 2 acceptance invites and one wait listed, but her heart was set. Berklee College of Music would become the school of her dreams.

Since her time here at Berklee, Paulaine has become involved with many different activities. From becoming an active member of the Music Business Association since her first semester, experiencing the managing life of two bands, performing in shows, attending music business panel events, becoming a part of the management team of a collegiate project called the Glory Project and creating an Instagram archive of fashionable students on campus called @berkleefashionofficial

Paulaine has experience so many things, but there is more to come. Her future goals of owning her own record label someday, creating an online magazine and performing will flourish as long as she will strive and focus on what is important and she will.

Experience & Education


  • Social Media for The Glory Project
    October 2015 to Present (over 3 years)

    • Represent Glory Project at partner meetings and events to strengthen member organizations’ advocacy interests and capacities • Develops content strategy, brand awareness, and analyze audience engagement on social media platforms

  • Yo Team Student Assistant for Yo Team
    September 2015 to Present (over 3 years)

    • Assists the coordinator and members of the YO Team faculty with stage concert productions • Duties include but not limited to: music preparation, assisting at rehearsals and directing traffic backstage at concerts. • Assisted with events off-campus, including the Berklee Gala, and fundraisers.

  • Freelance Photographer for Freelance Photographer
    February 2015 to Present (over 3 years)

    Freelance photographer on a daily basis. Photographs individuals, groups, landscapes and more.


  • in at Valencia High School
    2010 to 2014 (4 years)