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Eva Redamonti

Berklee Student
Boston, MA
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About Me

I was born and raised in Trumbull, CT. From the very beginning, I was always submerged in the arts. My mother is a painter who has a strong appreciation for anything related to art. I had been drawing since I can remember; but I began flute lessons at age ten. Flute always fascinated me; it made a beautiful sound. When I began playing, I fell in love with not only the way it sounded but also the idea of releasing different amounts of air to create different colors. I realized once I gained control of the instrument, how many different sounds could be made. I began practicing hours a day.
My teacher, Liz Harris, encouraged me to be a part of a Youth Orchestra (Norwalk Youth Symphony) when I was twelve. It was a great way for me to grow familiar with famous orchestral works, and be challenged musically. I auditioned every year until I graduated, and eventually made it to the top chair of the top orchestra. I started auditioning for Regional and Allstate orchestras, which provided a group of competition for my level of playing while I was in high school. Every year I made it into Regionals and Allstate, and one year I ranked the highest score in my region.
I remember every year in Regional/Allstate when I watched the other groups perform, I always was in awe towards the performances that the jazz bands put on. They were incredible. Improvisation always amazed me. One day in high school, my music teacher asked me if I wanted to be a part of his summer jazz group he taught, called “Neighbhorhood Studios”. I had no idea what this would be like, considering I was totally new to jazz. I tried it, and attended every summer since. Two of the teachers there went to Berklee, and some of the students who went there with me ended up at Berklee as well. I began attending classes during the school year, and it was through Neighborhood studios that I got my first exposure to gigs, writing, and recording. I loved it. When I reached my senior year, my teachers encouraged me to audition to Berklee. I did, and when I received my acceptance letter, there was no question in my mind to take the opportunity I’d been given.
During my time so far at Berklee, I believe I have grown more than I have in my entire life. Every day I learned something new. I’d go to a practice room and explore with what I could do with these new ideas I’d been given. I took nothing lightly that was handed to me – and I believe this is what makes me a valuable student. It was really hard for me to decide my major because when I came here, I fell in love with every area of musical study. After searching for a while, I began to realize that I admired composition the most – In the back of my head, I wanted to be able to create in music as beautifully and naturally I did in my artwork. To me, it was about creating something original. As much as I still love playing, I chose composition as my major. I knew that it was a risk to choose something I had minimal experience with as my major, but with the amount of work I have done these past semesters – I, and others who helped me along the way, have seen incredible improvement. I have found opportunities to have my pieces performed, been awarded in competitions within Berklee, and collaborated with filmmakers and other composers around school and the Boston area. I am proud of the work I have put forth so far, and I know it will only improve with time.
Looking back, it is obvious that I have grown. I have kept myself actively involved with my instrument, I have not failed to appear on the Dean’s List every semester, I have exponentially improved in my compositional skills, I have gained recognition in my visual artistic skills through shows and competitions, and altogether I have grown in maturity and professionalism. I will never stop working at my passions no matter where I end up. I consider myself blessed to be at Berklee, and hope that I am able to finish my degree here.