About Me

JONG HYUN LEE was born in Seoul, Korea. His mother, who studied voice classically,
introduced to him classic piano when he was seven. He was unusually uninterested in piano, even
through he was pretty talented in music. So she had him try playing the flute, and he went on to become
the first chair at an orchestra called GYSO (Global Youth Symphony Orchestra), even though he had
been playing for a shorter period of time than any of the other flute players there. But, he soon grew tired
of playing the flute. But it was around this time period that this mother could no longer support him to
pursue music because she had to work all day to make ends meet. While she was working, Jong Hyun
was at home listening to Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Michel Jackson, Brian McKnight and Eric Clapton.
He began discovering R&B and soul.
When he was 12, his father bought him an acoustic guitar for his birthday present. He had no
teacher but only an old textbook and an Eric Clapton Tape. No one taught him jazz, but he learned the
blues scale and pentatonic scale from Eric, and he would always jam with Eric’s music. He never knew
that it was an extraordinary ability to play music entirely by ear.
Unfortunately, he had to quit school and start working when he was 16 because of his family’s
financial situation, but he still continued to grow with music. He was able to imitate a beat he heard from a
drummer at church, and his hands would constantly move with the beat that was stuck in his head. Many
nights, he fell asleep with the guitar in his hands. He comforted himself from his reality by singing with
Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, and Eric Clapton.
His Family attended Global Mission Church, the biggest Baptist church in Korea with over 25,000
members. He always stood out musically at that church. He performed often as a singer, a guitarist, and a
drummer at worship services and festivals. He taught himself to play whatever he could get his hands on,
and also performed as a timpanist at the Bundang Youth Orchestra, the top youth orchestra in the region
of Bundang, Korea. All these experiences led him into a deeper world of music. He discovered that the
reason and the necessary mentality for music are to give joy and to move the hearts of the audience.
Once he stepped into adulthood, his family’s finance situation improved, and he was able to
attend college. He served as a student leader of the music department at school, and was thus able to
develop leadership. All these experiences led him to graduate as the top student of the department.
He then began working at Global Mission Church as a pastor, a producer, a musical director, a
worship leader and a bandmaster. He produced over 150 music programs, over 50 performances, and
directed music for over 250 services. He also taught 200 students as a private instructor. He was so
happy when he saw how he was able to make so many people were happy, moved, and had found
healing through his music. Hence, his desire to study music further grew more so that he would be able to
make more beautiful, moving, and thoughtful music. One day, he met Young Joo Song, one of the most
famous Jazz pianists in Korea. She was a graduate of Berklee and Manhattan College of music. She
thought Jong Hyun had what it takes, so she suggested that he go to the institution that would give him
what he would need to pursue his studies more.
After two months of studying jazz piano, Jong Hyun was accepted to Berklee College of Music,
and is now doing his best to study at the school. Music, as he understands it, is hope and strength to
keep moving forward in life. This is what he learned, as he listened to music as a young boy.
Though his mother is ill and his father’s business is not faring well, Today, he still writes music
and plays the keys because he knows there is a young child out there, who, like him, is living with the
desire to experience music that gives him hope and strength.

Experience & Education


  • Producer of Boston Onnuri Church for Producer
    July 2011 to Present (about 7 years)

    Producer of Boston Onnuri Church, the biggest Korean church in Boston. Over 500 People attendance.


  • Band master of Friday worship team for Band Master
    May 2010 to May 2011 (about a year)

    Band master of Boston Onnuri Church, the biggest Korean church in Boston.

  • Pastor, Producer, Music Director, Band Master for Global Mission Church
    January 2007 to December 2009 (about 3 years)

    Global Mission Church is the Biggest Baptist church in KOREA, there is over 25,000 members. I Work for GMC as a Pastor for 3 year.


  • Professional Music in Jazz Piano, Arranging, Song writing, Voice at Berklee college of Music
    2010 to 2014 (4 years)
  • Music and Music education in Professional Music and Music education at Baeckseok Art University
    2006 to 2008 (2 years)