About Me

John Rogue is an independent artist and Maryland native who has been performing since an early age. He first picked up a guitar at age 10 and began playing in the school band and taking private guitar lessons. By his early teens he was Jamming with friends and performing in several bands through junior high school. At age 16 John met Jimi Cirillo, a well known Blues/Rock Musician and Recording Artist. Jimi and his band were older, more seasoned musicians and John was brought in to back Jimi up on rhythm guitar. This provided him with a solid foundation and valuable learning experience, performing both live and in the recording studio. In the early 1980’s John moved to Clearwater Florida and continued to study music theory and perform in cover bands around the Tampa metro area. John returned to the Washington, DC area in the late 80’s and joined the band Crime Scene. After that project disbanded John met Drummer Jamie Johnson and Bassist Bill Heverly in 1994. These three musicians would form the nucleus of a band that would play the Wash, DC area for over 10 years. They soon added Mike Hanks as lead vocalist and began playing shows at clubs around the metro area including the Grog and Tankard in DC, Pier III and Tailgates in MD, and the Santa Fa in Fredericksbug, VA. John left Absolute zero in 1996 and joined the band Cringe were he met vocalist Troy Evans. Cringe was a short lived project and John soon returned to Absolute zero bringing Troy with him. They added guitarist Tom Hymer and changed the name of the band to Sunbolt. Sunbolt would play the Mid-Atlantic club circuit until 2002. This was a very busy project and Sunbolt played just about every rock club in the Metro DC area. In 2003 the band Added bassist Craig Tytas and took the name Soul Minor, which played its final gig on St. Patricks Day 2005. John decided to take some time away from live performance to pursue a degree in music. In 2006 he began taking coarses at Berklee College of Music, and is working toward a Professional Guitar Degree. In 2008 John began collaborating with Kenn Taylor, former lead singer of the 80’s hard rock band and Atlantic recording artist DC STAR. John spent 2009 in the studio recording demo material for Kenn. In 2012 John joined forces with the Band Ven Detta, be sure to check them out on Facebook.