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William Bendrot

Berklee Alum
Online Student
Electronic Artist MobiusB and Ember Music label co-founder. 
Member since 2008

About Me

I’ve been a musician since I was 6. Started playing cello and moved to guitar and later bass and drums and I can play enough keyboard to get me by in most cases. I grew up in NJ and moved to Boston to attend Berklee (MP&E and Commercial Arranging 92-94) and lived in New England for 16 years. I switched fields early on and I’m now a software engineer and develop education for a software company. I moved to NC in 2007 when my wife got a job teaching music at UNC.

I have my own small project studio in my house and work mainly with Ableton Live, but in the last year have incorporate Logic Pro into my setup. I’m currently working on a release of solo ambient/ambient grooves material as well as completing some work from my Boston band ‘Produkt’ (which we’re trying to keep going as a long-distance thing) and also recording an album for my wife.

My compositional work is pretty solidly electronic at this point, but I do mix some guitars and basses in and my wife is a classical low brass player so I’ve done some of that work as well. The styles I mainly work in are IDM, ambient (incl. ambient grooves) and downtempo as well as some cinematic type composition. And I’m always up for meeting people for any long-distance collaborative work.

Experience & Education


  • in MP&E, Commercial Arranging at Berklee College of Music
    1992 to 1994 (2 years)