About Me

Where to begin…… Music has always been in my life. My mom would always be listening to 70s rock n roll, then 80s Micheal Jackson(RIP). So at a very young age i got the feel of music. Every night i would go asleep, with headphones on my ears. Studying it all as much as i could. My mom would also teach me how to play our Paino, and when ever i went to my Grandparents house i would be slammin on there Electric Organ.
Once i started 9th grade, i started to write creatively. I knew in the fulture i would be producing beats. So i turned my poems into songs. When the day came, and i got the Akai MPK49 midi Keyboard, i started to produce in Albeton. At that time i had dozen’s notebooks full of flows. It was mostly like a chicken cope, but there where some golden eggs in there.
Two months after i got my keyboard i started, My
Music Production and Technogally and certified program. To build my knowlege on the producing side. I wouldnt mind taking a writting class and Music Business class.

Right Now im trying to run/ start my own Record Label.Just Spit It Entertainment. So far im the only major artist. I produce some of my friends, but non of them seem to have the time to make a whole cd. My brother is an Graphic Designer, so i have him do all my art work. So far i have had Two full length Cds and one DUB. Im workin on my third full length right now. Once thats finished, im gonna get all my merch. ready , then start doing shows!!!!!
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Experience & Education


  • in at Monroe High School
    2003 to 2005 (2 years)