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Yuval Shapira

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B.Sc.. M.Sc. Shapira Yuval. Arranger, composer, writer. 
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After graduating BSc At Ben-Gurion University (Chemistry) and MSc At Tel-Aviv University (Pharmacology and Physiology) i decided to center my being on music.
As a secular Zionist i live and work in ISRAEL, but my career would most likely be in Europe.
I sing with 2 groups, and plan to start my own a-capella quintet on February 2011.

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  • High Tenor for Yakinton (a-capella octet)
    January 2007 to Present (over 11 years)

    another cure for the soul...

  • Tenor for Jeanne Rabin's Ensamble
    November 2006 to Present (over 11 years)

    An amazing cure for the soul... ~30 singers...