Berklee Alum

Rabbi Avraham ('Abe') Chachamovits

Berklee Alum
From Jazz to Kabbalah 
São Paulo, BR
Member since 2003

About Me

I have wonderful and deep memories of my Berklee days. My closest friends at Berklee were my two roomates Bob Champagne and Nick Spiliotis, as well as Lee Becky. Additionally, very close to me were professor Randy Felts (who still teaches at Berklee) and my private guitar instructor, master guitarist Al Defino (who I still have contact with). My childhood friend from Brazil, Gilson Shachnik also teaches at Berklee and play in the Boston area. I truly wish my old friends from Berklee would contact me. I miss them all.

Now, I moved to quite different “areas” from my original music life (if you want, see my profile on Facebook). I have been for many years an Orthodox Rabbi in Brazil, author of many published works, both written and audio, as well a large Internet presence. I am dedicated to the spreading of Torah spirituality values, particularly of kosher Kabbalah.

In mid-2010 I had a “came back” to music, for I composed a Niggun – a chassidic melody. It was later arranged and permormed for violin and piano, and it can be heard at my website, or on my profile’s featured track. Since this niggun, I went back to my compositon roots and composed truly many works for contemporary classical orchestra and chamber ensembles. Here is my music site:

Shalom and all the best!