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Greg Houston
Composer, Pianist, and Conductor

Hi, my name is Greg. I am from New York City. I am a composer, pianist and conductor. I am majoring in composition and film scoring at Berklee College Of Music. I am a 5th year senior and I plan on graduating in December 2010. Music is a huge part of my life. It has been a part of me since I was born. I come from a musical family. I started singing when i was 5 years old and would later play Clarinet, Saxophone and Trombone in high school.

I studied music for three years at Mercy College. There I studied piano and composition. At Mercy, I was really introduced to jazz for the first time. I would always get asked to participate in pick-up jazz ensembles and just jam for hours and hours. Coming from a classical background it was a huge help for me to improvise and see what jazz has to offer.

I am very active in the Berklee community. Some of my activities include.

Society of Composers Club

I attend as many meetings as I can for this club. I love the fact that you can share with other composers what music you are writing and what composers you like. The best for me is to participate in the end of semester concerts which are held at Old South Church every semester. In November 2009 I did a presentation on 19th African American composers.

Film Scoring Club

It is really hard not to get interested in a club like this. I learned a lot from the presentations that are given each week. I was also introduced to many film composers who I never heard of before. I am in the process of getting ready to do a presentation on the music of Don Ellis who was an avant-garde jazz composer but wrote an amazing score for the French Connection.

Deans List

I currently have a 3.7 GPA and have made the Deans list every semester since coming to Berklee.

Composition Concerts

I have taken part in many composition concerts since I started Berklee. I took part in the annual Society of Composers club concerts held every semester at Old South Church as well as in the Composition Department Recital where I played my Etude in d minor for piano and selections from my Preludes for Piano called the Wanderer. In April 2010, I premiered two songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano based on the Poems if Robert Frost at Berklee. This past May, I was selected to represent Berklee in Moscow Russia. In Moscow, The Military Orchestra Of The Minister Of Defense Of Russia premiered my orchestra piece “Winds of Change” which is a Tone Poem for symphony orchestra. I also was selected by the composition department to participate in concerts held by the Esterhazy String Quartet, The Kalistos Chamber Orchestra, and the Triple Helix Piano Trio. You can find some of my compositions in the music files section.

Master Classes

I had the honor of being selected by The composition Department to take part in Master classes held by such distinguished composers such as Gunther Schuller, Samuel Adler, and Bernado Adam Ferrero.

On campus work

I have worked in the Office of Student Employment as an info sessions temp for the past year. My responsibilities have included entering and updating student employment files in the school computer system, and interviewing new students for campus jobs.

I have also worked during the Berklee auditions where i was responsible for calling and guiding potential Berklee students to their audition and practice rooms.

Work outside of Berklee

Film Music

I worked with director Tony Wolf and Yum Yum Productions on the film “Inspiration”. You can see film under the videos link.

Concert Band Music

I write concert band music music for middle and high schools bands.


I have Volunteered many times as an usher for Chorus Pro Musica. I was also responsible for doing ticket sales as well as managing scores for the orchestra and chorus. In March 2010. I volunteered for Rockstar Games where i helped promote their new video game Red Dead Redemption


I currently teach a classical music appreciation class that is held every Saturday at Old South Church in Boston. This class is designed for people who don’t know anything about classical music or for people who know something about classical music but want to learn more and what to listen for. In this class, I talk about the lives of the composers as well the methods and the reasons for the music they wrote. I also assign weekly listening assignments to help get them into classical music.

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  • Bachlors Of Arts in Composition at Berklee College Of Music
    2005 to 2010 (5 years)