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Jesus Medina

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Music Producer, Beat Maker & M.C. 
Santa Ana
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About Me


An appreciation for the basis of Music, allows for the Love of many different types of Music.

Man, I haven’t been on here for years & I haven’t edited this page since. There are so many new features on here. I love it! For now, it is essential to know that I go by Netzaya C in the Music world. I am the C.E.O./ Executive Producer/ Beat Maker of SOURCE.R.E. Inc. I am part of the Hip Hop Crew the Epidemics. Finally, I am the Creator/Co-Host/Promoter/Organizer of Hip Hop City. We showcase everything from (1) Spoken Word & Poetry Slams, (2) Local Artist displaying their artwork, (3) performances by only the realist, most illest true Hip Hop crews and MCs, (4) Beat Battles; where Producers go heads up with their latest musical arrangements and finally (5) the dopest DJs spinning and scratching everybody’s favorite jams. Also, we have vendors from all over Cali and beyond, sharing their lil bit of Hip Hop Culture. We always close the night with a little fun with something we call “Freestyle Tag”. If you get tagged by someone who just got done freestyling, you better freestyle! Even if it’s 2 bars from a short nursery rhyme. Basically, it’s a huge fun, enlightening, networking event for the true Hip Hop Enthusiast or as I like to call them, Hip Hopreneurs. It’s fun and pleasing to all the senses no matter what type of background you may come from. For the love of our True Hip Hop Culture. MUSIC, ART & POETRY, from all our Hip Hop Alliances, all under one roof.

more to come

Experience & Education


  • SOURCE.R.E. Inc., Epidemics, Hip Hop City in Beat Making, Studio Production, Sound Engineering, Song Writing, Promoting, Managing at Some Berklee courses but mostly self taught
    1995 to 2010 (15 years)