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Cathy Segal-Garcia

Berklee Alum
Cathy Segal-Garcia, Los Angeles singer, composer, producer, networking person! 
Member since 2003

About Me

I’m a pro vocalist of about 40 years. Live and studio. Mostly jazz, some R&B and pop. I teach all styles of singers about the perfect vocal technique, which is physiological and philosophical. It works! I coach vocal performance of all styles. I produce singers in the studio. I have a 9 year weekly jam session looking for a new home, and I have had several workshops per month at my home studio for the last 15 years! I also create vocal showcases. I’ve recorded 8 CDs. I travel internationally and nationally, doing all this~~ I live in Los Angeles…….

Experience & Education


  • Creator! Producer! Musician! for Cathy Segal-Garcia Productions
    1965 to Present (over 53 years)

    I do everything..sing, teach, produce, write, network, market...and I've been doing that for years! When people come to L.A., they look me up!