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Who am I!!!!!!!!!. lol Im just a music cat on a mission to do his music. I started at age 14 being a DJ which led to local parties and so on.Eventually I added singing in R & B groups to my rep which led to music production and so on. Too make a long story short when i was coming up the opportunities where harder, but thu all that I still enjoyed my time doing early independent label
music and shows which gave me a lot of early knowledgebase andof course my first R&B group was fortunate enough to open for legengendary acts llike Keith sweat, miki howard, Gerald levert, Mc hammer, ll cool j and various other legends but in the end we didn’t forsee our vision and everyone moved on.One of my former group members had some moderate sucess as a member of Master P’s singing group Sonz of the funk which made me fill that if you continue u can still find some glory wit your dreams. That was back n the late 90’s and I was just doing music music as a hobby to un-stress.It took me a chance meeting with meeting one day at a music listening venue summer 2002 to give me a kick start back at it slowly along with some freind support to put myself back in the mix. I eventually started to put together ideas around the mid and jumped into the Lab doing light way production for that led to production for a local artist who was on the verge of stardom.Then something happend the lights that were on in there head went out and i was left with a dimmer from them.FROM That point around 2004 I knew that I needed to re direct myself so i decided to become an artist again which after a while became funner than making tracks for someone else around 2005 decided to get a group going with my longtime freind and cousinwhich weproudly named 840 style we did a short myspace stint were we had a offer for with a independent label that went South lol before North.All n All it sounds crazy always on the verge but no cigar well after a some time re-evalutating n uprgrading and become more productive with my skills and even changing the groups name to 84 Knoxx we r finally going to hit nail on the button !!!! And I feel that joining Berklee is an a extra step to our Goals Look out for Our Music- now and in the Future!!!!!!!!