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Paul-Eirik Melhus

Berklee Student
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About Me

I remember the feeling I got when I first gazed upon the mountainous regions of northern Norway; the colossal imprint that Mother Nature stamped on the world gave me a sense of humility and greatness. I want my music to have a similar effect on the psyche. The essence of creative and thought-provoking music is being drowned in monotonous sounds, set on “repeat”. I believe there is an unspoken need for originality that can be relatable, a way to feel the music while engaging the mind. When people hear my work, I want them to feel chills up their spine, sparking ideas like fireworks illuminating the sky. When I hear music that resonates with me, I feel a unique sense of euphoria. This is what I want people to feel when they experience my music; I want them to transcend into another world where ideas, rhythm and creativity prosper.

As a musician in the 21st century, I believe that creating music for people to enjoy is not enough. There are multiple facets of the modern artist that should be explored, such as being a role model in the community, spreading awareness by composing music that is culturally and socially relevant, and setting sights on charitable ways to give back to the world. To me, success is the embodiment of these characteristics. I believe that a deeper and more impactful message can be given to my generation through music, overshadowing the common mantras found in most popular music today: sex, drugs, and money. My goal is to travel the world and spread this message: music can be more than just entertainment; it can teach valuable lessons and spread awareness.

Spreading these messages is no easy feat, considering the overcrowded state of the media and the Internet. Many voices drown in this sea of information, mostly because they stand-alone and don’t seek help. The messages that I want to spread need support from other artists. Like-minded artists that are driven and persevere to get their music out there, not just for personal gain but for the advancement of our generation. A community of artists like these can create a basis for creative and inspirational music. There is power in numbers and the more that people share this vision, the more likely the messages of these artists will be heard. Not only will this offer another scope for individuals to view the world but it will shine positivity on my generation. It will show society that my generation is moving forward and not degenerating into the confines of household couches and recliners. I want to be a positive voice that is able to represent my bright and creative peers; this is the vision that I want to realize.

The music of my generation can be summarized as a monopolized dance, inspiring reckless and irresponsible behavior. These activities may be fun temporarily, but they do not provide lasting, personal fulfillment and growth. I believe that music should inspire individuals to think outside their own parameters and view the world holistically, making them feel a wide array of emotions. This is what creative music does to me: it gives me hope that there are bright individuals in the world that share my vision of a culturally and socially informed society where creative ideas are exalted.