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Jonas Janson

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A lucky few make a living out of what they love to do. I'm one of them :) 
Granada, ES
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About Me

Hi there, I’m Jonas.

My life has gravitated around the guitar one way or the other since I was a child. Part from a few years away from the guitarr when I had a well needed rest from music I’ve always had some project going on.

It all started when my older brother got a nice new guitarr and was sent to classes with some teacher. I was about 4 years old and I realy liked that stuff and wanted to do the same but my parents told me I was too young, that I would break the guitar. So whenever I had a moment with no one watching I would pick up the guitar and do my brothers homework. I had been watching over his sholder and then I tried to do the same thing. By the age of 6 I was sent to the same teacher and to his great surprise I could play anything he asked me to out of the book at first sight (‘cous I had been studying more or less the whole first book secretly). He classified me as a genius child and said I would definitly be a great guitarplayer. I’m still trying to recover from that missjudgement and to learn for real what this is all about, :D.

At the age of 12 somone gave me an alectric guitar and I was soon to form a band with some other kids from my school. The drummer from that band is still active and combines a 9-5 with a coverband. A few years later I was all over the place recording demo tapes and playing guitarr and bass in different bands and even got a job in a recording studio as the producers helper. I learned a lot about recording during that time. Between 20 and 25 y/o I performed at a couple of TV shows, recorded a lot of songs and shared musicians with a few real stars.
But …. I got tired of the whole thing and quit. I was living a pretty destructive lifestyle and decided to make some changes in my life so I moved to another country to start over again. After that came a couple of years of basically no guitarplaying but in late 1995 I picked up the guitar again and I started to make way as a profesional musician.

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Experience & Education


  • Guitarist, arranger etc for Freelance
    1995 to Present (over 24 years)

    Performing artist at Live shows and recordings. Sound engineer. Arranger.


  • Guitarrist / Arranger / musical director for Kansas Showband
    October 2011 to April 2012 (6 months)
  • Guitarrist/arranger for Millenium
    January 2009 to September 2011 (over 2 years)

    Millenium is a 7 piece band performing pop, rock and disco covers at big size parties mostly for city halls. We've done 60-70 shows per year and the band has about 5 1/2 hours of songs to pick from. My role on stage was to play the guitar and sing some backing vocals. I also assisted the arranger.


  • Master Certificate in Guitar at Berklee
    2010 to 2011 (1 years)
  • Master in Classical Guitar at Conservatory of Granada
    2000 to 2001 (1 years)