About Me

I’ve just finished producing my second release Something Real the tracks are all here. I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people in my music career, namely Mike Blasucci, Moot Booxle, and Tim Joza. My dream would be to get a publishing deal, and write material for touring acts. At the same time, being able to perform to die-hard fans.

I was a self taught guy for a long time, but am really making a commitment to learning my craft, and learning my instrument. I’m loving the online Berklee experience so far, and will probably continue towards one of the certificate programs.

All of my music can be purchased through my website, or Itunes.

Dan Banks was born in the coal mining town of Wilkes-Barre, PA. From the first time hearing the Beatles at eight years old, his love affair with music began. While keeping to himself, and not saying much, his inner world was always filled with melody and arrangements. His basis for songwriting comes from inspiration of some of the greats: Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, and James Taylor. Growing up in Southwest Florida, in his teenage years he was drawn to classic rock and jam bands. Always a late bloomer, Dan got his first guitar at the age of 19. Taking the experience of his adventurous and painful adolescence , he began writing songs when he was 21. As the age of the internet and the digital world shifted the paradigm of the music business back to single songs instead of CDs, he sees this as his advantage. Writing songs across multiple genres, allows him to reach a very large, global audience. Today he has fans from Moscow to Missoula…thank you Al Gore. Dan’s continues to be an active member in his community in Southwest Florida, with summers spent in Pennsylvania performing in his hometown. He’s committed to reaching people through his music, and believes in the power of music as a natural healer. It’s good for the soul, and allows him to re-connect when he’s “Lost His Way.”

Experience & Education


  • El Jefe. for Dan Banks Music
    2003 to Present (over 16 years)

    I create things, and put out a tip jar.


  • BA in Management at Florida Gulf Coast University
    1999 to 2003 (4 years)