About Me

Born in Brazil, but half-Argentinean, Marina Maiztegui has experienced and learned a lot about both cultures and their music. Ever since she was a child, culture and music have played an important part in her life. Growing up in a home where travelling and creativity were the most important things her parents wanted her to have, inspired her to be who she is today. “My parents always said that the only things they could give me that no one could ever take away from me was travelling and the memories that would come with it, and creativity, specially musically.” That was their mantra and that is what inspired her to be who she is today.

When she 9 her and her family moved to the United States, and, after a year, to France for her and her brother to learn both english and french. That was definitely a major musical important part of her life, since she experienced both the European and North American music culture. It made her grow up surrounded by all types of music, from Jazz to Opera, from hip-hop to Bossa Nova.

At the age of 11, she began taking voice lessons since her passion was quite uncommon for such a young age. She then began taking guitar lessons so that she could accompany herself and write her own music. She started participating in all the school talent shows, choir and musicals and always performed international music to represent her passion not only for music, but also for cultures. As her level began to grow exponentially, she began performing in the 2 major theaters of the city of Florianopolis, Brazil, where she lived at the time.

Her talent and passion was clear to everyone who saw her perform and she knew exactly what she wanted to do and where: Berklee, the best music college in the world and the biggest melting pot of music, her two biggest passions at the same place.

At the age of 18(2010), Marina moved to Sao Paulo on her own to study at the “Faculdade Souza Lima”(partnership college with Berklee) for financial reasons since she could not afford Berklee at the time. The school filled her mind with so much knowledge specially more towards Bossa nova and Jazz. She began taking vocal classes separately from the school with very well known teacher in São Paulo, Rafael Barreiros, who taught the speech level singing technique.

With a lot of effort and hard work, in 2011 she got accepted to Berklee, her dream school, and moved to Boston to begin her journey. “I believe that being a musician is not only about being talented, it’s about being able to express yourself in your own way and connect to the world through it.”

Ever since at Berklee, she has grown tremendously as a musician, composer and person and has participated in multiple concerts and events with not only other Berklee students, but also Berklee teachers. She has composed and recorded multiple songs and also has arranged compositions by other artists. Apart from influencing her growth, Berklee has given her more ambition and passion than words can express. With her determination and drive for writing, performing and helping others through music, she sees and hopes for a bright and successful future.

“All of those changes in my life have influenced my music tremendously, and made me who I have become today, musically. All that I’ve learned and have been through is reflected in my own music or my music interpretation. Today I can say my emotional experiences, my knowledge, and my cultural experiences are all reflected in my engagement with music.”

These are some of her accomplishments while at Berklee:

o Performances at Berklee:
•Performed a solo for the Gospel night at the BPC during fall of 2011.
•Performed background vocals at the Latin Culture Student Composition Concert during fall of 2011.
•Performed with American Negro Spirituals at the David Friend Hall on April 19th of 2012.
•Performed a solo for the Gospel Night at the BPC on April 30th 2012.
•Performed on July 11th @ 1A Recital Hall 2012.
•Performed at the Cafe 939 in Boston in September of 2012.
•Performed with Marcos Valle in December of 2012 at the BPC.
•Performed with the American Negro Spirituals at the BPC in January 2013.
•Performed with ROTU in March of 2013.
•Performed at the Alejandro Sanz concert as the Host in 2013.
•Performed at Zayra Pola’s Senior Rectal in 2013.
•Performed at own Recital in December of 2013 in 1A.
•Performed with own band at one of the band member’s jury in February of 2014.
•Will be performing at Ioana Udroid’s Senior recital @ cafe 939 in April of 2014
•Will be performing at Natalia Sulca’s Senior recital in April of 2014
•Will Audition for THE VOICEBRASIL in March of 2014, being the first Berklee Student Auditioning for it.

o Performances Outside of Berklee:

➢ SonAvoz (Latin music a-cappella group) Boston, MA Fall 2011-2013
•Had weekly rehearsals of new arrangements every week to prepare for non-payed Gigs around the US.
•Performed with SonAvoz at:
•The Latin week at the 1140.
•The Latin Culture Student Composition Concert at the BPC.
•The Latin Minor presentation at cafe 939 on April 6th of 2012.
•In front of the Berklee Bookstore on April 26th.
•The Ryles Jazz Club on May 16th(invited to perform by Alumni Joey Blake).
•The Massoit Lodge in Boston with SonAvoz in October of 2012.
•The BPC in November of 2012.
•Played at Lilypad in February of 2013.

➢ Rumbambu
Boston, MA Spring 2012 -2013
•Band of Berklee and non-Berklee musicians who play at clubs and bars.
•Have rehearsals almost every week
•Have weekly gigs with Rumbambu at clubs such as Naga in Cambridge.

➢ Marina’s Band
Boston, MA Spring 2013-Present
•Have weekly rehearsals of originals and covers
•Currently recording demo
• Had first gig at Northeastern University in February of 2014
•Have more gigs scheduled for the rest of the semester

Experience & Education


  • Usher temp for BPC
    June 2013 to Present (about a year and a half)
  • Vocalist for Rumbambu
    May 2013 to Present (about a year and a half)

    Our band had multiple gigs throughout the year of 2013 and 2014. We play a big variety of styles, from pop to latin.

  • Office Assistant for Career Development Center
    May 2013 to Present (about a year and a half)
  • Interview and Auditions assistant for Berklee College of music
    November 2012 to Present (over 2 years)


  • Singer for Wedding band(Jo & Edu)
    2010 to 2011 (about a year)

    Was the singer at a wedding band with my music instructor Eduardo Hansh in Brazil.

  • Teacher for Escola Dinamica
    2008 to 2010 (over 2 years)

    Taught Music and Taekwondo to kids from 3 to 7.

  • 4th International seminar of Jazz at EMU for EMU in La Plata, Argentina
    September 2010 to November 2010 (2 months)

    The faculty included Michael Tracy, Michael Jefry Stevens, Bruce and David Becker, Marcelo Coelho, Renato Vasconcellos and others. Clinics, workshops and rehearsal comprise the educational experience offered to students from throughout Argentina and other South American countries.


  • BA in Professional Music and Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music
    2011 to 2015 (4 years)
  • Private lesson in Voice(Speech Level Singing technique) at Rafael Barreiros
    2010 to 2011 (1 years)
  • BA in Vocal Performance at Faculdade Souza Lima
    2010 to 2011 (1 years)
  • Summer program in Vocal Summit, Stage Performance at Berklee College of Music
    2010 to 2010 (Less than a year)
  • Private Instruction in Voice(Classical training) at Ilana Dorfman
    2009 to 2010 (1 years)
  • Private instruction in Piano at Escola Bartosiak
    2007 to 2009 (2 years)
  • Private lesson in Voice (Pop and R&B training) at Escola de musica Bartosiak(teacher Eduardo Hansh)
    2007 to 2009 (2 years)
  • Private Instruction in Acoustic guitar at Eduardo Hansh
    2005 to 2009 (4 years)
  • Private instruction in Voice(Jazz and Classical training) at Katia De Lucia
    2003 to 2006 (3 years)
  • Private Instruction in Piano at Maestro Pier Giorgio De Lucia
    2004 to 2005 (1 years)