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Jose G. Rendon Santana

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Mexico City, MX
Member since 2006

About Me

I started into music by taking private drum lessons at 15. From then, I moved on to other instruments, like guitar and piano But what really captured my mind was electronic and experimental instruments. I think is amazing how technology has radically changed the way we create & record music. I really love music so I have no problem listening to a very wide range of music genres; in fact I love to fusion different styles & moving things from their original context to create interesting experiments. I think that all music styles had been the result of a merger and deconstruction process. I play guitar & Keyboards and had deepen my self into electronic instruments and computer software.
I’m a proud winner of the Berkleemusic’s Celebrity Online Scholarships 2007 in the name of Mark Mothersbaugh, founder of Mutato Muzika Studios and member of the acclaimed band DEVO


Throughout his career, José Rendón has done post-production and musical production for some of the best studios in Mexico and has collaborated with well known sound engineers and musicians.
At the same time, his career has always been linked to the independent art scene in Mexico.

In 2004, his work in the short fiction feature “Paranoia”, directed by Hugo Mendoza was nominated at the Crystal Screen Festival for best original music.

José Rendón has never stopped producing original music, playing and recording on several musical projects in North America, Europe and Asia.

On 2002, José Rendón joined his musician friend Miguel Gonzalez in founding and heading the musical label and collective Discos Konfort , for promoting and supporting electronic music in Mexico and Latin America.

Discos Konfort would eventually release ten compilations with some of the best Mexican electronic acts today, becoming also the first Mexican label to earn the international QWARTZ award for best independent electronic music compilation of 2005, for the “Máximas Texturas 010” album. More Info at:

Today, Discos Konfort is one of the cornerstones of the Mexican electronic scene and has started its expansion into the rest of Latin America.

On May 2004, José Rendón was invited to take part in the electronic music and poetry project “Urbe Probeta”, produced by Discos Konfort and the poetry collective “Motín Poeta”, with whom he performed live at the alternative art gallery “El Ojo Atómico” in Madrid, Spain. On December of that same year, he performed at the New Mexican Sound Festival, organized by ASAHI Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

Experience & Education


  • Ableton Certified Trainer for Academia Pulsonic
    September 2011 to Present (over 7 years)
  • Music Composer, Arranger & Producer for Gélido Music Production
    January 2007 to Present (over 12 years)

    Gélido is devoted to create and produce professional musical support and environment for film, TV and Radio Commercials. Our musical work has been featured in advertising campaign for several world known companies, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nissan, Seat, Toyota, VW, Corona, Hanes, Home Depot, etc.


  • Music Producer & Sound Designer for Pianica
    January 2003 to December 2006 (about 4 years)
  • Sound Designer & Radio Show Producer for Z-Audio
    January 2000 to December 2002 (about 3 years)
  • Music Producer & Sound Designer for Jarpa Studio
    January 1998 to December 1999 (about 2 years)
  • Music Producer & Sound Designer for San Pedro Post.
    January 1996 to December 1997 (about 2 years)


  • Ableton Certified Trainer in Music Production & Sound Design at Ableton Inc.
    2011 to 2011 (Less than a year)
  • Professional Certificate in Film Scoring at Casa de Lago, UNAM
    2007 to 2008 (1 years)
  • Professional Certificate in Film Scoring at National Center for the Arts, CNART
    1995 to 1996 (1 years)