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Berklee Student

Milad Zendehnam

Berklee Student
milad zendehnam miladzen 
Boston, MA
Member since 2012

About Me

Currently, Milad works for Berklee College of Music

Faculty Outreach – Berklee City Music Teacher & Manager Concert Operations at Berklee College of Music

Milad’s musical journey began at the age of 11 when he studied piano. However, his true passion for music originated when he discovered the electric guitar at age 15. He continued his curiosity and eagerness to learn, by obtaining his BA in music at Azad Art University of Tehran. While at the University, his love for music broadened allowing him to explore traditional Persian music. Milad took this excitement to another level by studying variety of Persian string instruments.

Milad’s experimental unique style fuses traditional Persian music with jazz, blues, rock, and funk. His unique vision guides him through life and helps to shape him as a composer, producer, sound engineer, sound designer, teacher, and performer. This has given him the opportunity to be versatile in his performances, teaching and learning style. He focuses on the engagements of the language of music in everyday life and behaviors that is reflected from our culture, society, and the environment.

He has graduated from Berklee College of Music, double major in Music Production & Engineering, and Performance. He has been awarded the North American Scholarship, Henry Schniewind Scholarship and was chosen as the first candidate for the Iranian Association of Boston 2012 Scholarship. Milad is eager to learn and communicate through the language of music.