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Tatsuya Yoshinaga

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Biography of Tatsuya Yoshinaga

With his distinct musical personality, Tatsuya Yoshinaga has established himself as the top drummer, as well as a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, violin, sax, piano, guitar, bass, percussion), producer, and an educator of his generation. As a drummer, Tatsuya has received the Zildjian Award from the Avedis Zildjian Company in 2007 – the world’s largest manufacturer of cymbals. Tatsuya was also granted the Avedis Zildjian Percussion Scholarship, invited to visit the Zildjian factory in Norwell, MA twice, first time visit with Dean Anderson (Boston Pops) in 2007, second time visit with Yoron Israel (Ronja Music Company) in 2008, met with Craigie Zildjian (CEO), Debbie Zildjian (Vice President), received cymbals for his both Electric and Acoustic Band set-up – XTY Tatsuya Yoshinaga Band. During his education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tatsuya received a full scholarship and he has performed with Grammy Award winning saxophonist Joe Lovano in a septet concert. He has also played many years with Latin Grammy recipient vibraphone and marimba player Dave Samuels in a small group.

As a producer of his band, XTY Tatsuya Yoshinaga Band, he produces a variety of musical entertainment including solos, duos, trios to large ensembles with singers, dancers and string quartets, members including Multi Award winning singer Dessy Dobreva ( As an educator, Tatsuya was selected to write a drumming book for the Shinko Music Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is the largest in Japan. He produced Drumming the Easy Way by Tatsuya Yoshinaga (CD) in November 2006. This is available at all major bookstores in Japan, This education book is a best seller and was sold out in a year and reprinted.

Tatsuya was born in Shizuoka, Japan. Under the influence of his mother, who is a singer and multi-instrumentalist Tatsuya began learning classical piano at age three. In elementary school, he started to play the organ and taiko drums, and was featured to perform the drums at local music festivals every year. In 1996, Tatsuya was given the opportunity to play keyboards in a rock band, and shortly thereafter he began sitting in on drums that launched his career as a drummer. He performed his original compositions on drums in the band at the Teen’s Music Festival, and awarded as the No. 1 teen’s band in Shizuoka. His interest wasn’t just in the drums, so he started exploring other instruments and in 1997 he started learning to play the guitar and bass guitar.

In 1999, Tatsuya was invited to the Super Brass Orchestra, the top Latin/Funk big band, where he had a chance to sit on the drum chair and also began playing/learning alto sax and violin. After a while he performed with many top musicians in Japan. Tatsuya also won the Berklee World Scholarship Tour in 2003 and passed the “Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates” to enroll at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and moved to Somerville, MA in 2004.

As academic achievements, XTY Tatsuya Yoshinaga Band won auditions to perform in concerts at Berklee Performance Center (BPC – 1,220 seats) twice, which was advertised in The Boston Globes. He was also featured at a Percussion Department Award Winners Concert in the BPC where he was awarded the Zildjian Award. Tatsuya was a principal drummer for the Fenway Brass Art Orchestra, played at the Singers Showcase in BPC, played with Phil Wilson Trombone Band, Rainbow Big Band, Brian Lewis Big Band and among others. Not only did Tatsuya display exceptional talent, but he also has a very strong and determined work ethic, which earned him a spot on the Dean’s List every academic year while at Berklee.

Tatsuya specialized in the drum-set, studied and played with: Yoron Israel, Kenwood Denard, Mike Mangini and John Hazilla; orchestral percussion with: Dean Anderson, Richard Flanagan and Ed Saindon; hand percussion with: Ricardo Monzon (Ricardo is a member of the XTY Tatsuya Yoshinaga Band), and Jamey Haddad; performance training with: Joe Lovano, Greg Hopkins, Hal Crook, Ken Pullig, Dave Samuels, Ken Cervenka, Dave Weigert; piano with: Douglas Johnson; bass studies with: Tom Appleman and Fernando Huergo, and among many others.

As a percussionist, Tatsuya had the opportunity to perform with the Metrowest Symphony Orchestra and Young Artists Association, Inc. While Tatsuya was at the college, he was the principal percussionist with the Berklee Contemporary Wind Orchestra, the College’s Repertoire Orchestra, and the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, Berklee’s first full symphony orchestra. These experiences allowed him to perform with many other distinguished musicians, including: Eguie Castrillo (percussion), Tiger Okoshi (trumpet), Stephen Webber (turntables), and more.

In March 2008, a recording of XTY Tatsuya Yoshinaga Band concert was passed an audition to perform at David Friend Reital Hall. His band was comprised of nine members include faculties and Presidential Scholars Neara Russell (Voice) and Casimir Liberski (Piano). The special guests on hand included Debbie Zildjian (Vice President) and Adam Weems from the Avedis Zildjian Company. He was also honored with an introduction by Yoron Israel.

As soon as Tatsuya graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College in May 2008, he established his company XTY Productions to produce live music for all over the world. This includes entertainment for events, at restaurants, clubs, bars in many cities in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York State, and Japan. He was also invited to play drums and multi- instruments in GB3 the band (Power Lion Productions). Tatsuya has also played trumpet and piano for Tim Schrock Duo and his Brass Quintet, as well as electric bass for the rock band Howie Howie.

Due to Tatsuya’s extraordinary and exemplary multi-talent, Berklee College of Music has hired Tatsuya as a staff accompanist on electric bass, drums, and percussion – mostly to accompany and teach students in classes. But also to perform at concerts and events, such as Singers Showcases, Percussion Week, Sax weekend, Guitar Sessions, 5 Week Summer Program, etc, as well as experienced to accompany for strings include harps.

Since Tatsuya’s introduction to American culture, he has successfully continued to contribute vicariously to the overall well-being of the human condition.

- Comments from Kenwood Dennard about Tatsuya’s drumming -

“Peace you were GREEEEEAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Flexible visibly and sonically and physically and musically.”


Experience & Education


  • Teaching artist for North End Music & Performing Arts Center
    January 2018 to Present (over 2 years)
  • Business owner for YOSHINAGA MUSIC
    2016 to Present (over 4 years)
  • Bandleader for XTY Jazz Group
    2004 to Present (over 16 years)


  • in Drums, percussion, piano, bass at Berklee College of Music
    2004 to 2008 (4 years)