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About Me

When I was five years old, I was fortunate enough to receive a miniature electronic keyboard for Christmas. Soon after, I begin private musical training in the Franklin School of Performing Arts. Without the wise intentions of my family, I would never know what it is like to feel the great joy of being a musician. To create, know, and live in this world of passion I have been lucky enough to enter.

I began with piano lessons. At such a young age, for many it is hard to stay concentrated and focused on a goal that takes hard work and good intentions. I am sure that without the joy and passion I found in making others happy with my playing, I would never have spent so many nights memorizing my scales, my Italian, and my music.

When I was almost seven years old, my brother was born. In my life, someone new had entered and had affected me. I started practicing more, trying to be the best for my baby brother. I wanted him to feel the joy I did when playing music, and to share that feeling with my own brother I thought would be extraordinary. I had begged my mother to sit in with my piano lessons, and she even started taking her own notes, and started to learn some things on her own. I began to see that this love that I had for music had started to spread out within my family, who before I started lessons never even thought about picking up a musical instrument.

While taking classical piano lessons, I studied with two eastern European teachers. These two teachers taught me the fundamentals of reading and comprehending music through strict discipline and memorization. They brought their views of how music should be studied and performed, and shaped my early outlook on music. These teachers gave me the discipline and the work ethic to strive to be the best.

When I entered high school, I had ended my private piano lessons, to focus more on my percussion studies with the marching band and percussion ensembles at the school. My band director and percussion instructors opened up new doors that I never knew existed. They brought to the table all of their experiences when they marched in their time in high school. They gave me ideas and views on how performance should be that I would not have experienced under the tutelage of my former piano teachers.

With all the musical programs and ensembles I have been a part of, I have had a wide variety of teaching. All of these teachers I believe shape who I am as a musician. Their teachings and shared experiences, along with my own personal experiences, mesh together to ultimately form who I am as a musician. I believe that I now, with all of these experiences, have a duty to share, and to continue a lineage of tradition, passion, and excellence.

Experience & Education


  • Front Ensemble Instructor, Arranger for Muchachos Drum and Bugle Corps
    December 2012 to Present (over 7 years)

    I provide personalized instruction to the front ensemble section of the Drum Corps, which contains keyboard percussion instruments, as well as various auxiliary percussion. This instruction includes technique breakdown, musicianship, ensemble timing and logistics.

  • Percussion Coordinator, Instructor, Arranger for Reading Memorial High School
    January 2010 to Present (over 10 years)

    I provide personalized instruction to the various percussion ensembles at the school, including technique breakdown, musicality, and performance attributes. I also arrange for both the winter percussion ensemble and the marching band, and have led the percussion staff for the past two years.


  • BA in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music
    2009 to 2014 (5 years)