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Berklee Student

Brit Woollard

Berklee Student
Professional Musician / Photographer & Retoucher 
Chicago, IL
Member since 2005

About Me

Professional Musician / Photographer & Retoucher

Berklee Alum 2009
Magna Cum Laude
Professional Music: Songwriting, Performance, Arranging

Brit is a uniquely well-rounded professional musician – with styles ranging from classical to jazz, and even rock to heavy metal. Widely known at Berklee College of Music for her contemporary string quartet arrangements, she continued paving a strong path for string players interested in breaking out of the classical mold. She graduated Berklee as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor Degree in Professional Music. Brit has over fifteen years of experience with violoncello, and over ten years experience with violin. She is also a vocalist and plays classical guitar. Additionally, she performed with Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra for six years before attending college.

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  • BA in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music
    2005 to 2008 (3 years)