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Alejandro Ramirez Cisneros

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Boston, MA
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I believe that life is about now; the present can be affected by infinite circumstances, one of them can be music. Life with music is like a film score of your daily life; is not the same walking in a gray day with cold wind in Massachusetts avenue, in Boston, trying to avoid it, or facing it while you listen to music. Music can change the context of your now; actually I can say that the experience of a painful cold wind and a gray day can be transformed to a joyful experience between you and the earth just by living it with music. In other words, you can see the same thing from a different perspective; I’ve been living the experience of dissatisfaction to satisfaction transformation every day since I was a kid. This is the reason I dedicate my life to music. Music is company; music gives you the opportunity of having a relationship between you and the earth in peace.